A downloadable game for Windows

A chill isometric idle game based on mining resources to improve your ability to mine more resources. Basically it's like Dwarf Fortress without the complexity (and without the dying horribly in fire all the time).


  • Ket Ng (Textures & Game Design)
  • Eliot "Corbeau" Hemingway (Programming & Asset Integration)

Install instructions

Instructions: just download the .zip, unzip everything, and then run the .exe file.


IdleGreed0_52.zip 12 MB


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love the concept, and played for a few hrs, till i was unable to upgrade the storage cap any further, after 6200 the cost of the storage upgrade is 6800 where as the cap is only at 6200 so its impossible to progress any further, would love to play again after you fix this bug.



Terrible flaw:

You cannot expand beyond 6200 storage capacity, as the cost for the upgrade goes beyond your current capacity.