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Created to be an alternative to the built-in Dominions map generator, Cartographic Revision builds aesthetically pleasing maps that encourage conflict and are balanced around the particular nations in play.  Choose a number of players, select the desired nations, export the built map, and you can drag and drop the new ready-to-play .map and .tga files right into Dominions' maps folder.

The current build should be considered a work in progress.  There may be some glitches and the user interface is merely functional.  Several luxury features such as guaranteed magic sites and greater ocean variation (now possible due to the changes in Dom5 over Dom4!) still aren't implemented.

Special thanks to SomethingAwful forums member Mukip for creating mountain and city structure sprites for this project, and revising them for the Dominions 5 update!

Latest Dev Log:

June 2 - Looking Back

Some Notes:

  • Thrones: there are exactly as many throne locations as there are start locations.  It's possible to play with more thrones, but the extra thrones' placement will be at the mercy of the vanilla Dom4 algorithms.
  • An explanation of the advanced options:
    • Blind mode hides start provinces from the user.  There's no foolproof way to hide them in the map data, but this prevents mandatory spoilers.
    • Flat View removes the isometric perspective from ground textures and province borders.
    • Generic Starts removes nation-based start locations; all starts will be standard land starts.  So far this has mostly been used for nationgen games.
  • A mac version is viable.  The Unity engine is cross-platform.  More on this soon, I hope.

Changes in v0.7.1 (11/30/17)

  • Fixed a serious dominion overlay bug in flat view maps.

Changes in v0.7.0 (11/27/17)

  • Updated for Dominions 5!
    • New nations in the database (Rus, Uruk, Erytheia) with their own start preferences.
    • Tweaks to existing nation start preferences to reflect changes to national recruits/summons/spawns.
    • Dominion overlay compatibility added to the .map file.
    • Winter texture generated in addition to the base map texture, for use with the new Dom5 temperature system.
    • Removed badnations era pending update of the mod and settling of the metagame (we don't even know what's a bad nation anymore, after the changes in Dom5).
  • Balance Changes
    • Underwater nations, particularly deep sea starts, will spawn slightly fewer water provinces on average.
    • Reduced the impact of era on forest spawn rate.
  • Performance Improvements
    • Probably eclipsed by the need to generate an entire additional texture, due to the new winter feature in Dom5, but several elements of the texture generation code have been revised for efficiency.

Known Bugs as of v0.7.1

  • Dominions 4 will, rarely, refuse to accept a start location, rendering the map unplayable with max players and potentially unbalanced with fewer.  This may be unsolvable given that completely identical province coding is occasionally producing different results.  The only current solution is to generate another map.  If any Dominions modders have insight into this issue, I could use some enlightenment.
  • Memory leaks.  Unity garbage collection isn't keeping up with something, and I haven't tracked it down yet - largely because it's a non-issue if you generate only a map or few before quitting.  Make a dozen, though, and your computer will notice.  Unlike the above bug, this is fixable in the future.
Published May 20, 2017
StatusIn development
Tagsmap-generator, Procedural Generation

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